Eric Gallardo is an award-winning Los Angeles based composer whose work on, and passion for, story-telling mediums like video games, film, concert and theater has brought him much acclaim in his young career.

Having acquired his  degree in composition from California State University Fullerton’s School of Music, Eric has had the privilege of studying privately with prolific composers Ken Walicki, Lloyd Rogers, and Steve Moshier. He also has the pleasure of having recorded and worked with amazing musicians including members of the Art Industrial Complex, The LA Philharmonic Orchestra and The Pacific Symphony of Costa Mesa among others. He also regularly performs original works as well as live music to film concerts in and around Los Angeles with his own group Artemis.

Recent projects include the video game Antharion, an ambitious 50hr+ indie RPG and Ah Peku, a visceral and engaging concert piece for three bass drums and assorted percussion.

Some of his favorite film and game scores include:  Seven Samurai, North by Northwest, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Grim Fandango

Eric Gallardo wrote this short biography by himself in the third person for no apparent reason.